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About SSE

Somaliland Societies in Europe is a primary network organization, Connecting Somaliland Communities , bringing together and utilising the skills of its members, Somaliland organizations and communities in Europe. It is an open network of Somaliland community organisations, which aims at the creation of an effective means of communication within the Somaliland communities in Europe. SSE is a non-profit and democratic network. The partnership between SSE members in EU is a good example of how our Somaliland Diaspora can work together effectively to pursue common goals.

History & Background

The founders of this network were Representatives from six different countries namely The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and UK. At the time of establishing this network it was agreed that Holland should be the base where the SSE network co-ordination activities occur. Another important decision that was made during the first meeting was to invite more Somaliland community organizations from more European countries, thus making SSE network a truly European network, representing as much as possible all Somaliland community in Europe.

Aims & Objectives


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