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Somaliland Societies in Europe (SSE) and its member organisations in Europe congratulate the government of South Sudan and its people on their achievement of independence to become the 193rd state in the world. You deserve to join the ranks of the independent nations and become one of the youngest nations in the world.
We are delighted to see that our brothers and sisters in South Sudan are celebrating the birth of their new nation, the beginning of a new era and an end to a bitter and long struggle for self-determination. We hope that your declaration of independence will open a new era towards peace and stability between the two sister nation of Republic of South Sudan and the Republic of Sudan and wish to see the leadership of both countries working together for the mutual prosperity of their respective people.

The SSE feels honoured that The Republic of Somaliland, represented by His Excellency President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud and his delegation, joined you for the declaration of your Independence. During the last 20 years Somaliland has achieved what many independent nations have not achieved. With very limited foreign assistance, Somaliland has established effective and working institutions. Despite being unrecognised by the international community and being surrounded by violence, terrorism and piracy, it has maintained peace and stability for the past 20 years. The latest presidential election held on 26th June 2010, described by independent international observers as free and fair and the subsequent smooth transfer of power was a testimony to the maturity of the democratisation process in Somaliland.

The Republic of Somaliland has implemented one of the most successful experiments of democratisation, conflict resolution and peace building processes in Sub-Saharan Africa. These are remarkable achievements which the Republic of South Sudan can learn from. Likewise, our nation has important lessons to learn from your achievements to accomplish your mission and your dream to become a free nation and join the independent nations of the world.

Our two nations share similar struggle for sovereignty. We are happy yours has come to a fruitful end: the raising of your flag. We hope you will assist us realise of our dream. Your deserved declaration of independence will indeed serve us a unique opportunity to continue with our struggle to gain a similarly deserved international recognition for the Republic of Somaliland and expect your assistance in our endeavour to join the ranks of independent and sovereign nations.

Enjoy your newly gained precious sovereignty.

SSE Executive Committee,

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