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Appreciation letter to Dr. Charles Tannock (MONDAY - 5/September/2011)

European Parliament
Dr. Charles Tannock MEP
Willy Brandt 04M081
European Parliament
Rue Wiertz
Bruxelles 1047

Dear Dr Tannock,

With much appreciation we read the article about your call for Somaliland independence atmeeting with the Ethiopian Prime Minister his Excellency Mr. Meles Zenawi on 1st September 2011. Your unparalleled call was courteous and right to ask Ethiopia to take the lead in recognising Somaliland as an independent and sovereign state. We share with you your views that a stable and sovereign Somaliland is in the interest of Ethiopia both economically and politically.
We are pleased with your continual support for the people of Somaliland and as you have beensaying “an independent Somaliland, supported by the international community, could be aforce for stability and progress in an otherwise hopeless region, and could be an ally infighting the scourge of piracy off the Somali coast.” As great friend and supporter of Somaliland Societies in Europe (SSE) which representscitizens of 11 EU countries we would like to inform you of our gratitude and appreciation for raising this unprecedented call which is a significant milestone towards the realisation of the recognition of Somaliland. It shows the International Community, in particular Great Britainthat the legitimate aspirations of the people of Somaliland have to be respected. It is a testimony showing that Somaliland is already a peaceful and stable functioning state despiteeminent threats to peace and stability in the Horn of Africa. As you are familiar with thepeople of Somaliland have chosen peace and democracy with law and order over dictatorshipand anarchy. We are confident that you have witnessed this progress for yourself during your recent visit to Somaliland.

Your support for SSE since our first meeting in February 2007 at your Brussels office ishighly appreciated and your persistence to draw the attention of the international Communitytowards the plight of the political future of Somalilanders will never go unnoticed. Indeedyour discerning views are highly regarded and we would like to take this opportunity to showour appreciation for all of your moral and political support. In particular, British-Somalilanders in UK, young and old, are pleased with your support and your contribution.
You are a true friend of Somaliland people and we have no doubt that you will continue toremain so until Somaliland joins the ranks of independent nations.
Thank you once again

Your sincerely

Abdi Abdullahi Jibril
Chair of SSE

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