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Somaliland: Investment in Somaliland Is a Lucrative and Secure Business Venture: BRUSSELS (Somalilandsun) (SATURDAY - 2/June/2012)

Local investment in Somaliland has been termed as a lucrative and secure business venture.
This was said during the annual conference of Somaliland Societies in Europe (SSE) and The Diaspora organization held in Belgium's parliament building in Brussels. The Agenda of the conference 2 days conference which concludes today Saturday the 26th May 2012 include discussions on a topic titled "Somaliland: New Frontiers for Africa", SSE annual general meeting and election of a new management committee.
Delegates at the SSE/Diaspora conference termed the recent opening of a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Jalelo village, 38 kilometres north east of the capital city Hargeisa as a factual example of the country being viable for foreign investment.
The bottling plant worth $15 million is a joint venture between the Coca-Cola Company and the local company of Somaliland Beverage Industries-SBI which holds 100% franchise from the global beverage company.
The Brussels annual conference of the SSE/Diaspora pooled its participants from members of the European parliament-MEP, Speaker of Somaliland parliament Hon Abdirahman Irro, MP Abdiqadir Haji Ismail, Hon Edna Aden Ismail and a large number of Somalilanders living in the diaspora mostly recognition campaigners.
Prominent Europeans who spoke at the conference said that the status of Somaliland which has in the recent past seen an upsurge internationally has been elevated further, to newer heights by the multi-million dollar investment by the Coca-Cola Company that launched its $15 million bottling plant in the country last week.
In the investment where the locally owned Somaliland Beverage industries holds a 100% franchise from the global beverage company, 18,000 crates of beverages will be produced on a daily basis with a total of creation of an estimated 135 direct jobs and 2,500 indirect ones, and will contribute to a healthy distribution and retail sector in Somaliland". The conference concurred that Coca-Cola Company has given new impetus to hesitant foreign investors in the country.
On giving a brief situational report on prevalent security, economic and development in the country, Speaker of the Somaliland parliament Hon Abdirahman Irro urged MEPs and Somalilanders in the diaspora to intensify not only their economic support but campaign for recognition as a sovereign nation.
Hon Irro informed that the country's sovereignty was sacrosanct, thus non-negotiable thereby urging the international community to do the needful and recognize the Somalilanders 21 years of nationhood, thus its entrance into the UN as full member.
Former foreign minister Hon Edna Aden Ismail, stressed on Somaliland's sovereignty that derives its official boundaries from the demarcation made during the reign the British Empire, which was the country's colonial master in 1883. She termed the over 100 year's boundaries with Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti as binding.
She argued that debating on the sovereignty of Somaliland in any forum was an exercise in futility as facts prove otherwise, Said she, "Somaliland was the 3rd country out of 53 African countries to attain independence"
Hon Edna Aden who dwelt on the country's history informed that the quest for international recognition should not be misconstrued as an exacerbation of the difficulties that currently engulf Somalia which has been termed as the country holding the record of longest status as a failed state.
According to MP Abdiqadir Haji Ismail Jirde a 12 years veteran of the house of representatives, the Somaliland lower house of parliament, the democratization process in the country is at its peak following persistent adherence to constitutional dictates by national authorities within the government, parliament and traditional leadership.

About SSE
Somaliland Societies in Europe is a primary network organization, Connecting Somaliland Communities, bringing together and utilising the skills of its members, Somaliland organizations and communities in Europe. It is an open network of Somaliland community organisations, which aims at the creation of an effective means of communication within the Somaliland communities in Europe. SSE is a non-profit and democratic network. The partnership between SSE members in EU is a good example of how our Somaliland Diaspora can work together effectively to pursue common goals.
History & Background
SSE was founded by representatives of six Somaliland organizations from six different countries in Europe on May 2001, when they participated in the 10th anniversary of Somaliland's independence, which was held in the Nederland's at Leiden city and organized by NOMAD and Somaliland Community in the Nederland's (ASIN).
The first SSE conference was held in the Netherlands (Den Haag city) and it was a mini conference. The Second was held again in The Netherlands at Utrecht city On May 2003, where there was a greater representation of Somaliland communities in Europe attending. As well as this new committee was voted in representing different Somaliland communities in Europe.
The Third SSE conference which was held in London on May 2004 where there was a restructuring of the organization itself. This restructuring included basing both the committee and the coordination office in London (UK), rather than in several European countries to improve links within the organizations. Therefore Somaliland community in UK holds the Chairmanship and Secretariat. The fourth SSE International conference with SSE AGM was held again in London at Chatham House in 2005.
The Fifth SSE annual conference was held, in Brussels (Belgium), on January 2007. Many SSE representatives from Europe were attended and a new committee was also elected.
The Six SSE conference was held in Soesterberg - Utrecht (Netherlands) on December 2008. The conference was organized by SSE community in Holland with NOMAD and SMS. Somaliland organizations in EU and Norway met at an organizational level. The representatives of the organizations were drawn from the Nederland, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, UK, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
The Seven and the Eight SSE conferences were held in Uppsala (Sweden) and Lyon (France) respectively in 2009 and 2010. The main objectives behind the conferences were to gather thoughts and discuss the issues concerning the role of the Somaliland Diaspora and their development of their home country.
The founders of this network were Representatives from six different countries namely The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and UK. At the time of establishing this network it was agreed that Holland should be the base where the SSE network co-ordination activities occur. Another important decision that was made during the first meeting was to invite more Somaliland community organizations from more European countries, thus making SSE network a truly European network, representing as much as possible all Somaliland community in Europe.
Aims & Objectives
To raise the profile of the Somaliland organizations in Europe and also give Somaliland organizations in Europe a voice and chance to express themselves.
To make our organizations and their infrastructure more sustainable.
To support and promote links between Somaliland, communities and organizations in the EU host communities.
Strengthen the Somaliland communities in Europe, build bridges among them and also with other organizations and influence local, regional, national and international level regarding with community integration and cohesion.
Share information and experience.
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Yusuf M Hasan

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