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SSE AGM & Conference, Helsinki, Finland, 2014(MONDAY - 1/April/2014)

SSE (Somaliland Society in Europe) and
Somaliland Community in Finland (Somaliland Seura)

Invite You to the SSE AGM and Conference
Friday 25th- 27th April 2014
Place of meeting: Hotel Hilton, Helsinki

Together we can be the best

SSE’s Annual General Meeting and Conference is held annually and is attended mainly by representatives of Somaliland Diaspora Organisations in Europe and other Somaliland Diaspora people. SSE is organising this years’ AGM and Conference in cooperation with Somaliland Seura ry (SL), which is an umbrella organisation of Somaliland community organisations in Finland.

Key themes include:
•Challenges the Republic of Somaliland faces, and the opportunities it has.
•The issue of the Recognition of Somaliland and its implications for the security, stability and development in the Horn of Africa.
•Sharing information and good practices on Somaliland Diaspora issues
•Ways of improving partnership working, networking, and collaboration between Somaliland organisations in the EU countries and the government of the Republic of Somaliland.
•Electing a new SSE Executive Committee.

Confirmed speakers at the Conference include:

•Prof: Ahmed Samatar, James Wallace, professor of International Studies, Deane of the Institute for Global Citizenship.
•Prof. Gerard Prunier, Professor of Anthropology, Expert in Horn of Africa.
•Paul Whiteway, Independent Diplomat, Director
•Seppo Lehtinen, Mayor of Turku City Council, Special Envoy, Horn of Africa,
•Dr. Kimmo Kiljunnen, Counsellor of Vantaa City,
•Liisa Jaakonsaari, MEP (SDP),
•Matti Heinonen, Head of Section of the International Cooperation, Finnish Immigration Service (MIGRI),
•Petri Hataniemi, Foreign Ministry, International Cooperation Department
•Representatives of Somaliland Diaspora Organisations.

We are also expecting to join us Somaliland Government and Diplomatic Officials.

Expected Outcomes of the AGM and Conference:
•Demonstrate current challenges and opportunities of Somaliland
•Produce scholarly report that critically analysis that the recognition of Somaliland as a sovereign state is in the interest of the region and of the international community.
•Draw the attention of the Finish Government to the aspiration of the people of the Republic of Somaliland.
•Draw the attention of the Finnish Government to the volatile security concerns in the Horn of Africa.
•The establishment of strong network and joint projects between SSE member organisations.
•Strengthening partnership work and strategic links with Somaliland government institution as well as with civil society organisations.
•Highlighting the benefits of SSE network and find out ways of improving communication and collaboration.
•Electing and endorsing a new SSE Executive Committee.

After the Conference, there will be networking opportunities.

For more information please contact The SSE preparatory committee
Yours Faithfully,

-Abdourahman Yassin, Chair of SSE Tel: 0033+689831266
-Hassan Ali, Chair of Somaliland Seura Finland, 00358+445564652
-Hassan Nur, Somaliland Seure executive member), Tel: 00358+0035842085403
-Mustafa Ismail, Member of Preparatory committeeTel: 0044+ 7983804940
-Iid Hassan (SSE Executive member),Tel: 0044+7870515334
-Moote Haji Ali BOTAN, SSE Executive member,Tel: 0044+7912639319

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